Property Tax Analysis and Administration Support
The property tax environment in Ontario has been marked by constant change and reform since Part One of the Fair Municipal Finance Act was first introduced to the legislature in 1997.

With this constant reform, the system of levying and collecting property taxes in the Province of Ontario has gradually become increasingly complex. Multiple property tax classes, variable tax rates, distribution of the tax burden according to a system of tax ratios, and mandatory and optional tax protection mechanisms have all contributed to a system characterized by constantly evolving tax collection rules that municipalities must continue to adapt and adhere to.

As a central element of our service portfolio, MTE works with single and two-tier municipal governments across the Province to ensure that they are able to operate in a compliant manner within Ontario’s complex property tax regime, and to provide guidance in identifying and meeting local tax policy goals. This includes coordinating and balancing priorities among interests in often diverse two-tier structures.

At various levels of intensity, depending on each jurisdiction’s requirements in a given year, MTE works through the annual tax policy and administration cycle with clients to ensure that all appropriate analysis is undertaken, and required tasks are completed effectively and efficiently.

Municipal Tax Equity's tax policy branch can readily provide the resources and expertise necessary to:
  • Ensure that all levels of local government fulfill their defined roles and responsibilities with respect to tax policy development and implementation;

  • Satisfy the information requirements of municipal staff and Councils as they strive to develop locally sensitive property tax policy models;

  • Ensure that undesirable tax impacts/shifts can be effectively mitigated using the legislated tax "tools";

  • Support municipal finance staff as they attempt to levy taxes in accordance with complex rules for property tax collection and administration;

  • Assist municipalities with the development of best practices to ensure that their internal policies and procedures are compliant under the prevailing legislation;

  • Quantify and analyze tax impacts related to reassessment, budgetary changes, restructuring, or changes in tax policy under a wide variety of tax scenarios; a range of models can also be used to evaluate the impact and utility of various available mitigation tools.

In meeting these goals and challenges, MTE can provide the resources and expertise necessary to ensure every municipality is able to understand and administer their annual tax cycle in a confident manner marked by stability and continuity.

Expert Capping Calculations and Support
Since the onset of capping for business class properties, MTE has been recognized as a clear industry leader. Since 1999 our tax capping experts have been on the forefront of educating tax professionals and assisting municipalities in meeting the challenges posed by these complicated and administratively demanding programs.

Whether your municipality relies on our full service stand-alone capping program, or you require adhoc assistance with the management of capping data or the calculation and processing of post-capping adjustments, MTE’s renowned experience and expertise in this area can be brought to bear to the benefit of your municipality.

Tailored Service Delivery
MTE does NOT believe that all municipalities are alike. As a consequence, when it comes to tax policy support we know that "one size of service is not going to fit all." For this reason, our tax policy support programs are tailored to suit the specific needs of each municipality and its staff. This customized approach ensures that clients receive the appropriate level of support to ensure the highest and best use of both internal and external resources. Whether its in-house training on a limited basis, on-going mentoring and coaching of municipal finance staff, consultation with an expert on a specific property or issue, or a completely out-sourced service delivery model to ensure that property tax administration runs smoothly, MTE would be pleased to assist.