A key element in Municipal Tax Equity's history and development has been and continues to be our commitment to educating and training the municipal community.

Tailored Education and Training
MTE offers a wide range of education and training tailored specifically to the needs of the municipal community. Specific areas of training range from finance policy and tax administration to setting up an in-house component of an Assessment Base Management Program.

MTE also facilitates effective knowledge transfer through the production of our key annual studies, which are designed to enhance the ability of municipal staff and Council to understand their own, as well as the broader tax policy environment, in order to make informed and enlightened decisions.

Continued Education for Our Clients
Our team of experts at MTE makes a concerted effort to keep all of our clients apprised of the latest trends in tax, assessment and municipal finance policy and practice. Also, senior MTE staff create and present educational material throughout the year via client conferences and the Northern Service Alliance.

Commitment to the Municipal Community at Large
MTE's staff regularly attend and participate in municipal conferences held by the various Ontario municipal associations, including Municipal Finance Officers Association (MFOA), the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), the Ontario Association of Tax Collectors (AMTCO), the Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers (AMCTO), the Ontario Municipal Administrators Association (OMAA), Association of Counties and Regions of Ontario (ACRO), Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA), and the Institute of Municipal Assessors (IMA).

This site also endeavours to provide the municipal finance community with pertinent information, such as a comprehensive calendar of municipal deadlines and events, and a summary of the latest news that may impact the administration of municipal finances.