In addition to managing the many changes and challenges that have been presented to Ontario municipalities over the years with respect to property assessment and taxation, MTE has endeavoured to apply its rich mix of expertise and experience to forge a leading edge position across the broader spectrum of municipal finance, administration, strategic policy development and research.

The range of expertise held by MTE and its staff is particularly well suited to undertaking the challenges posed by today’s municipal finance environment, and our experience provides a solid foundation and background for meeting the requirements of our clients.

MTE regularly makes its policy expertise and in-depth understanding of the legislative framework that municipalities must operate within available to its clients. Among the vast range of services provided to our clients, MTE regularly works with municipalities in the analysis and comparison of various Provincial policy options and the development of operating and compliance policies.

MTE’s role in these projects ranges by client, but often includes such elements as:
  • The interpretation of prescribed policies and options,

  • Quantifying the local impact of diverse policy choices,

  • Qualitative review and commentary on the implications of policy decisions,

  • The drafting of clear and concise tax policy papers that would serve to confirm the municipality’s preferences with respect to optional provisions of the Municipal Act, 2001 and related legislation,

  • Ensuring or confirming compliance with prescribed actions,

  • Synthesizing policy and legislative direction to provide succinct and accessible instructions for staff,

  • Drafting and review of municipal by-laws, and

  • Briefing Council, staff and public stakeholders on policy options and implications.

As these types of projects involve the expression of both statutory rules and municipal preferences, they are necessarily consultative in nature. MTE’s role is not confined to drafting policy documents, but also includes incorporating and evaluating municipal preferences to ensure compliant and feasible policies are established.